Incubator Farm Annual Report

Read the Annual Report Here:

At the beginning of the 2018, we took the time to look back on all we have accomplished in our first year. Since February, we’ve been working non-stop getting this program ready to make a huge impact for farmers in the local economy. We’ve helped six great local businesses expand or get their start this first year, and we have all of our previous successes to build on. We’re excited for the upcoming season, and thank everyone who has come to visit or supported our project in any way. We’ve got a lot of exciting new events coming up, including our new season of farming workshops and our planting days for the new food forest we’re creating on campus!

We’re accepting applicants currently for the 2018 season. Check it out here, find a friend, work for yourself, start a farm this summer! You can get all the updates by signing up for our mailing list on everything we have coming up this year.

Thank you all again for being on this journey with us. The place we are going is exciting, and we hope you all keep being a part of the growing community at the Patterson School Incubator Farm.

Cheers, and stay warm!


Read the Annual Report Here