Mission Statement

“The Mission of the Patterson School Foundation is to provide educational opportunities
with a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, sustainable agriculture,
historical preservation and our community.”

To continue the tradition and legacy of Patterson School, our vision is:

  • To provide a campus for innovations in education, agriculture, health, science, technology and art
  • To offer organizations a campus for the promotion of educational, scientific and religious activities
  • To promote organic agricultural production in the Carolinas and the Southeast by recruiting, educating and supporting young farmers for centuries to come
  • To provide a beautiful mountain retreat conducive to holistic health, education, spirituality and personal transformations
  • To preserve the Patterson family tradition so future guests can experience life-long learning and sustainable, healthy living in harmony with nature

The Patterson School Foundation strives to continue educating people in the spirit and tradition of its founder, Samuel Legerwood Patterson (1850–1908). The tradition includes a strong commitment to the land and the community.   Honor, integrity, dedication, and the value of hard work were important aspects of daily life on the Patterson campus. These enduring values continue to be the cornerstone of the Patterson School Foundation’s mission to provide quality education in a supportive environment.

The Patterson School Foundation’s philosophy will closely follow that of the former Patterson School’s philosophy, which from 1909 to 2009, sought to educate mind, body and spirit.

The Foundation’s educational philosophy continues to be inspired and informed by its appreciation for the natural beauty of the environment as it seeks to educate, engage and inspire, promoting a more environmentally and health conscious people.